Behind the Lush of Bees

Lush of Bees was founded by a neurodivergent working mother of three boys, three dogs, and six ducks. She always dreamed of building her own brand focused on being different to show her children that breaking the mold was something to be proud of. Her aim was to sell a wide variety of products that resonated with like-minded individuals. After years of building her skills, researching business ownership, and working hours on end, Lush of Bees came to life.

In support of those who also suffer with neurodivergency in an unrelenting society, Katie has dedicated to donate 5% of all purchase profits from amazing people like you to the MITRE Neurodiverse Federal Workforce Initiative. MITRE is collaborating with federal, academic, and private industry partners to launch a Neurodiverse Federal Workforce Initiative to increase high-tech career opportunities within the federal government for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Trinkets, comfy things, and everything else

For Your Kiddo(s)

Sensory toys, decor, other toys, clothing, fun items for your kids. 5%... 

For Your Home

Unique products to adorn your home and inspire your aesthetic. Wall clocks,... 

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